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ELASTYK VAL ltd was founded in August 1999. Our partner ELASTOMERI Ltd from  Slovenia has many years’ experience in the production of rubber rollers and wheels. It has greatly increased the speed of development of our enterprise. Thanks to professional work of our staff,   we have   received customers’ acknowledgment and competitors’ respect, creating the company, which is nowadays continuing to demonstrate its stability, and leading position.

Our company specializes in the manufacture and recovery of rubber rollers and wheels for the equipment of all types of industries.

The many years’ experience and long terms association with a leading rubber compounds’ suppliers from  Europe  give us the possibility to offer customers the premium quality rubber surface, which meets all technical customers’ requirements. We always have in stock a wide range of rubber compounds that let us to make an order in the shortest terms.

The rubber rollers recovery is made by the up-to-date technologies, which helps to produce a smooth surface without blistering.

Our aim is customers’ satisfaction through the careful selection of the best rubber compound for each application and with a fast, efficient delivery service.

With the aim of the expanding production possibilities to our 10-anniversiry in 2008 year we moved to a new more spacious office.

Our formula of success is:

Rubber compounds of leading suppliers (Great Britain and German) + European technology of rubber rollers covered + control of all technical process

= guarantee of the best quality services.

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