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Within the rubber rollers recovery the next technical processes are taken place:

  • Remove any contamination from the old covering and to prepare the metal for bonding   
  • The recovery of mounting seats of shaft journals
  • Back works and bevels
  • Grinding of the roller working area
  • Roller’s balancing

The production facilities of Elastyk-val Ltd let to manufacture and recover any rubber wheels and rollers according to clients’ drawings and different technical requirements.

The enterprise Elastyk-Val Ltd uses a very wide range of elastomers (more than 15) of English and German origin in a full range of hardness’s.


Our rubber surface possess such features as:

  • Uniformity of texture, without the blistering
  • Hardness range  25- 95 Shore
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Resistance to pressure and loading 
  • Tensile strength
  • Max temperature - 220 0C
  • Resilience 
  • Resistance to solvents, paints, glues, lacquers.


Technical possibilities for manufacturing and recovering of rubber rollers:

  • The roller length – up to 2,5 m
  • Roller diameter -  up to 0,55m
  • Hardness’s range – from 25 till 95 Shore A


Elastyk-val Ltd make a recovery of the next types of rubber rollers for woodworking industry:

  • Conveyor rollers for 4-sides cutting machines
  • Feed rollers
  • Varnishing and lacquering rollers
  • Metering glue roller
  • Laminating roller
  • Flanging revetment rollers
  • Others…


There are always the most popular types of conveyor rollers for 4-sides cutting machines in our stock.



High quality membrane of English origin that is special developed for using in woodworking industry for cold and hot pressing by the veneer or film.

Physical characteristic of membrane:

  • Excellent elongation at tear
  • Good resilience
  • Good resistance to the elevated temperatures


There are membrane with the different width and gauge in our stock.


The price of recovered and manufactured production is calculated personally to each customer, according to a given requirement.


The term of guarantee is 12 months.

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